The theme this year is "Secrets of Asia". Don't ask.

I will not, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, miss out on prom this year. Date or not. (Although a date would be nice.) It's Saturday, May 10th at the Sheraton. They start selling tickets April 14 til April 25th.

I haven't even had the paper for more than an hour, and I'm already looking up prom dresses on the internet. And many things about proms are already making me angry. 1) Why do all the girls have freakishly long hair? All the pages with 'Prom Hair Styles' are for long-haired girls. 2) Not every girl wants to look like a slut in their prom dress, thank you. I plan on still being a virgin the day after the event. 3) We are not all built like sticks. Surprisingly, some girls actually have a shape to them and do not disappear when they turn sideways. 4) THIS IS NOT A PROM DRESS ---
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Can you tell I'm excited? :D
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Bobble-head! <3


Best. Weekend. EVER.

Friday night - went with Paul, Allyson, Fiona, and Jon to the Gami dance show. Paul's girlfriend is such a lovely dancer. And so were Allyson, Jon, Fiona, and I to the song "Stayin' Alive" playing on the radio in the car. It was EPIC.

Saturday - Pretty much my day off. Baked my special Fudge Ecstasie cookies. The ingredients are fairly exspensive, so I only make them once a year. And they also taste delicious !

Sunday - Sphen and I are meeting up for dinner and to exchange Christmas gifts. Which isn't good, because I haven't gone out Christmas shopping AT ALL yet. My folks refuse to go out on the weekend becuse it's "too busy". So we can never fit it in between school, drama, band, and their work scuedule.

And Monday is the first singing practice for Ragtime. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! :D

P.S. TO KATE: Quinton got the role of Booker T. Washington. <3
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Ragtime: Roles

So I got some woman named Mrs. Whitstein, and a New Rocheller (white-people ensemble).

I have one line - "Put the chlidren on the train! Get them on board!" or something like that. And I sing in a few songs with the other Rochellers.

Meh, I didn't get a big part. But I am soooooo excited, because it will be so much fun with the boys and everyone else. <3 I've met, like, 12 new people since I joined drama. It's pretty funny. Even if alot of them are Sophmores and Juniors, they are still awesome.

And I'm a senior, I don't give two shits if people bash me for talking to underclassmen. It's my last year and I plan on having some FUN. (Which is half the reason I joined drama in the first place.)

There was also double casting this year. Here are the parts I remember...

Mother - Gracie Roden

Father - TIM JONES :O

Mother's Younder Brother - Paul Brower

Tateh - Jon Henry/Dustin Scott

Coalhouse - Jef Ramirez

Sarah - Melody Cortez/Amirah Doessheevenhavealastname(?)
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Get em&#39;!

Ragtime : Auditons

I'm too anxious and empty-minded about Ragtime tryouts to write all the details, so I'll just be vague about it.

Tuesday went great. My voice was PERFECT and everybody clapped. Drew I think was most surprised of all of my singing voice. Wednesday it snowed, so they canceled all after-school activities. That sucked, cause it only snowed, like, 2 inches. Thursday we finished up with Monologues, Dance, and Callbacks. I just had fun with the Dance, didn't take it seriously. I did somewhat of the same thing with the monologue. I said my Emma Goldman speech with my yiddish accent and acted out what motions and emotions came to me naturally. I was a nice Emma Goldman, not a mean, vicious, angry one. They also asked me to sing my song a second time during Callbacks. My voice was dry though, and I didn't have a chance to warm up with scales and those sort of things, so it sounded worse than the first time. But everyone said I did fine.

BUT BECAUSE OF THE SNOW, the cast list won't be up till Monday. And because Tunny doesn't get to the school until later in the day, I have all this weekend and Monday morning to panic, pull out all my hair, not eat, get a brain aneurysm and never find out if I made it or not.

...I'm going to bake christmas cookies on Sunday.
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Rag Tyme

UGH. I have never had trouble like this before. It's like my mind is in another place. And I keep screaming, "HEY! PAY ATTENTION!", but it won't budge.

The problem is that Ragtime auditions are Tuesday and Wednesday after school, and I am having a terrible time learning my song and my monologue. I'm singing 'Back to Before' but I can't get 'Crime of the Century' out of my head! It's been lodged in there ever since I heard it 3 days ago. Damn you, you catchy tune. I've also been so worried about the getting the song and the dance memorized, that I haven't even attempted to look at my monologue. And even if I do look at it, it's as if my brain is busy working on something else. Kind of like when you're talking to a friend on the phone, and trying to watch a movie at the same time? Yeah, like that.

I guess that I;m just nervous. I've never tried out for anything this big before. This is a big step for me. And no one has heard me sing since I dropped out of the church choir last year - ESPECIALLY singing by myself. I don't even sing when my parents are in the house with me. I just find it really embarrassing and uncomfortable.

My parents just went out for dinner, so it's time I started practiced my song.
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A Very Good Day

Today was one of the first really good school days that I've had in a LONG time.

- Substitute for Sea & Shore Ecology, talked with Paul Brower and Antonio Rodriguez the entire time.

- Locked the gym locker rooms before I could get my dance clothes out of there, so I didn't have to do anything in class. Good for me, Bad for Paul and Melly.

- Jon got his scedule changed and is not at our lunch table. So that makes - Sara, Kelsey, (Now here's the important part) me, Kelli, Fiona, Drew, Paul and Jon. It should certainly make our lunch very... interesting. Yeah, interesting is a good word.

- Got my volleyball team changed in gym class. Now I actually know people on my team, versus a bunch of ghetto black girls and Lauren. (Seriously, don't laugh. It was terrifying.)

- Watched 'Casablanca' in Film Institute and got picked as Producer for our next big film shooting.

Workshops for 'Ragtime' are after school tomorrow. And yes, that means I WILL be trying out for the musical.

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