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Happy Easter, and what not.

So I haven't updated in EONS. I've been reading my friends posts every now and then, but I just haven't updated.

I broke my laptop battery when I dropped it on the floor at Tim's house. We were filming Camille's film for an English project. It was pretty fun. I had about five lines, one of them being "I baked these cookies and I thought you might like some. You work so hard, I knew you'd like a reward." How fitting. <3 I had just enough power to edit the footage and burn it to a dvd. Just barely.

Today is the second day of my parent's shop being open. It's called Gold Spike. It's an antique store, coffee house, kind of thing. It's out in Richland, in Buena Vista, and used to be an antique store called Goodstuffs. The big, fancy, hi-tech coffee brewer isn't working yet. There are so many pipes and wires that need to hook up to it, just when you think it's finished, the water hose bursts off. (True story.) We haven't really had that many people show up, but it is only the second day.

BUT PERHAPS THE MOST EXCITING THING is my idea for the Film Institiute final film project. You have to make a 2 minutes movie trailer for your film idea, then show it in class, and if it's really good and everybody likes it, you get to make your film. Of course, it has to be a short film, only about 20 minutes. Which may come as a challenge, as my story has a little depth to it. The film is called "Mango" and is about a boy in school, Derrick, who is very strange, and stares out into space alot, and is pretty much an outcast. Then this girl, Julia, comes along and has a fascination with the boy and decides to try and make him more sociable and less awkward. She ends up asking him out on a "date" one saturday, in an attempt to get him to show his true personality. I guess you could say that it's a Drama/Romance. It's sort of hard to explain...

If everything goes well, I would have Jon Henry play as Derrick, and Fiona Erickson play as Julia. I already asked, and they both pretty much said yes, but I haven't shown them the script yet. And I just barely had time to ask Jon, so he doesn't even know the plot. I reallllly hope he doesn't hear it and change his mind, because he was my first choice as the part. Which is why I figured I could show him the script to try and sway him. I have about 4 pages worth of it typed, but it's hard to type a script when your laptop is broken. The trailer is due on April 4th.

And also, my Documentary is due on April 4th. I got chossen as director in Film Institute for my documentary idea on "Cell Phones". It sucks. Which is why I've been typing my "Mango" script for the past two days.

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