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A Strange, Insistent Music

So Ragtime. I love it. Beyond all reason. I am so glad I finally scrapped up the courage to join Drama in my last year at Oakcrest. I originally went into it to build my self-confidence. But I never expected to meet so many wonderful new people, never expected it to be so much fun, and of course I NEVER EVER expected that I would stand in front of a huge crowd of people I didn't know very well and sing. (Even if I was shaking like a leaf, I did sing.)

The first number is amazing, and I get chills whenever we do it. The whole group rotating thing is stunning. I really hope you are all able to see it, because it should be amazing.

lol, that litte boy is such a nerdddd. XD

Oh, and they just put the new chairs in the Auditorium. They are blue and fold up like the ones at Hess. They also painted the walls white. If only it would be done in time for the musical. But it's highly unlikely.
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